Kassel Labs is a project to deliver the tools to help people create content, express their ideas and imagination.

There are many ways to use these tools. Our customers can use our services to create an invite, present an event or anything that will make people feel surprised when they see it. Currently, we are focused on intro creators and customized orders for even better results.

This website is not related or to Lucasfilm Ltd., Walt Disney, or Twentieth Century Fox.

Who we are

Bruno Orlandi

Created Star Wars Intro Creator in December 2015 when The Force Awakens was about to release, starting a new series of movies. With the great success of the website, Bruno dedicated himself to developing more websites and helping people to create personalized videos.

Nihey Takizawa

He joined Bruno shortly after the release of Star Wars Intro Creator and developed the functionality most desired by users: the created video download. Nihey also made it possible for advanced video editing, such as customizing the Death Star image in Star Wars videos.