Engaging students with Star Wars

It's common to find fans of Star Wars, so it's a good subject to get anyone attention.

People are using the Star Wars Intro Creator in schools and college to express themselves or send a message to the students.

There is a lot of interesting stories shared by teachers, bringing the Star Wars theme to the classroom.

Get students attention

Michael is a high school teacher and sometimes find it difficult to keep their students following the course. The "students are at times very apathetic and opposed to applying themselves towards their education" - says Michael.

So he wrote a Star Wars intro in his own words. In the intro, he demonstrated how dedicated he is to teach the students but also need their help to restore "an interactive, collaborative, engaged classroom environment".

There is an impact and fulfillment you get when working on education with joy. Here is a quote from the story he shared:

"I am attempting to gamify my classroom in the hopes to create a different type of classroom environment through heavy use of technology to reach my students at a different level."

Instructions for a lecture

Another teacher shared his story when preparing lectures. "I teach students to write Advanced Placement essays for college" - says the professor.

The Star Wars animation contains the introduction used in the lecture to not only getting students attention but providing instructions for them.

He could relate contextualization to a media the students understand, Star Wars. Check out the intro he created here.

More uses and beyond

We have always seen people using Star Wars Intro Creator at school and college. Starting a thesis presentation for graduation and breaking the formality. Children at school creating and playing with their own intro. There is a lot of different ways to use it.

Star Wars it's the most common because it's popular and can be easily recognized.

There are other intro creators to use in class like Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Westworld. Check out more intro creators at kassellabs.io.

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