Wedding with Star Wars

Wedding with Star Wars

One of the great themes on weddings is Star Wars, even more now with the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

People are using the Star Wars Intro Creator on weddings for many purposes like invitation or start the event with a presentation. Let's see some of the intros created.

Announcing a wedding

An alternative invite for the wedding with the date, while also telling a bit about the future husband and wife, used in this marrige invite

The intro also keep the Star Wars theme in the text, keeping it more informal and fun:

"Now, The Empire and the Rebellion join together in celebration of the newlyweds"

Welcome for the wedding

The Star Wedding

This intro doesn't relate with the Star Wars theme that much, just the title. The content is more like a person talking in the start of the event, and it could actually be the same welcome if was done without the intro.

So instead of following the normal, a different welcome will sure let people remember the wedding.

Other intros that can be used

The Star Wars it's the most common for being so popular, but there is much more movies and series that can be used.

Check out more intro creators at You can play around with Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Westworld. Just like with the Star Wars, you can also download these customized intro as a video.

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