Star Wars on Christmas

In this christmas you can enjoy the holiday with a Star Wars, one of the great ways to do it is by creating a holiday card.

The Star Wars Intro Creator is often used for holidays like this. Let's see an example of a holiday card from last year.

Our company rocks the galaxy. Having sent out this year's EPISODE MMXIX Christmas card to AMI's valued accounts, our fearless leader, John Doe deploys his team out to seize new business opportunities throughout the galaxy. No amount of RESISTANCE will stand against the professional, Jedi like spark of hope attributed to the company and its employees who at this time wish you a joyfilled Christmas Holiday....

The intro was used as a holiday card for employes of a company on Christmas.

Other intros that can be used

Check out more intro creators at You can play around with Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Westworld. Just like with the Star Wars, you can also download these customized intro as a video.

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